Harvest 2017 -2018


    2017 Harvest did present to us some challenges.  After a winter of varying weather events the harvest got off to a late start.  We eventually started very late in October, with a finish date just before Christmas.  The crew were very patient with the stop start nature of work which we are very grateful for.  As usual we encountered a few breakdowns, but the great support from the Chesterfields dealerships kept us going with minimal downtime.

    Josh Zehr
    "I really enjoyed the Aussie 2017 harvest.I have good memories of long days of work with delicious food to break it up - thanks Robbie! Really enjoyed working with Chris and Mick! Thanks a lot Mick for the opportunity. Definitely a great experience to drive the best equipment and do a good job. Working for the size of operation that it is now made the experience feel like being family! In spite of the challenges with rain and crop rippening and yield it was awesome!"
    Nick Zoppa
    Starbuck Manitoba
    "I can't thank Mick and Robbie enough for the experience. From working with a great crew to living quarters and the food, every thing was amazing. It was an all round great experience. Even though it was a slow harvest it was still tons of fun!"

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