Harvest 2012-2013

Started southern Queensland 18th October a normal start, finished 4th December home on the 7th.  Total of five day off including three days at home and our normal acres of 32,000 acres which normally takes 10 to 12 weeks took 7 weeks.  We had no serious weather events had our eyes hanging out.

"Good Weather, Good Beer, Good Food, Good Laugh.  Been nice to see a different harvest with different people. Definitely a once in a lifetime experience.  Thanks"


"Good Weather, Good Beer, Good Food, Good Laugh.  Been nice to see a different harvest with different people. Definitely a once in a lifetime experience.  Thanks"


"Well like Mick says "Cut the crap and get to the point!" so here goes:  Equipment was awesome (other than wrong color), caravans were comfy, rare new combines so it was great, the crew; Dom swore, Gavin talked... a lot, Guy and Matt drank beer... a lot, Lenny told stupid jokes, all in all it was a great bunch!  The farms, the contour banks in Goondiwindi were annoying but gave ya something to do!, great people at every farm, nice accommodation, good to see different places and operations!  Looking back it's been a good experience and a dream come tru.  Good Luck boys! Mick, don't forget to smile! 



"It been fun, can't wait to do it again next year will be counting the days"




"Well what can I say on first arriving to Wee Waa and property getting to know everyone and seeing the equipment I thought, this is going to be good experience.  Then seeing four good combines working together was somethin else.  As time went on the banter and conversations(mainly from Gav) got better and started working long hours (Like Mick said "When we go hard we go hard") and seeing acre after acre getting knocked down was sureal.  But all in all it has been a hell of and experience, I can't fault the lads weve had a bloody good laugh with everyone.  thanks for the experience Mick and Robbie, its been good.  Thanks to the lads for the laughs on the late nights and odd times in the pubs) Ha!!"


(P.S. Claas Combines are the way forward)



Well after having been in Australia for 5 weeks already I arrived at Micks, low on cash and ready to get going.  And after a week of mucking about in the yard at Wee Waa, finally set off for the first job 300kms away!!  Before that journey I would have never hated the sight of a rare road so much!  Still after a bit more waiting we finally started jumping from farm to farm meeting some real nice farmers and staff (and some not so nice ha ha) but quick as we started we're here at Parkes.  Finished already on December 4th 2012.  If you told me we would knock down #0,000 acres in 7 or so weeks i'd have laughed in your face but now the days have gone by so fast.  It's been one to remember and i'd do it all over again, perhaps in a Claas thou.  Good on ya no.25 you did me well, and cheers Mark Bruce and Jim.  Thanks for the grub!!!.  don't forget to feed Russel a few harvest crew treats!!!

Dominic Chandler

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