Harvest 2013-2014

Started Southern Queensland on barley on the 7th October and started the wheat on the 9th October earliest ever and finished 27th November early finish and record acres. Majority of the team arrived the evening of the 8th October and departed for Queensland 5.30 the next morning on the 9th there was no time to recover from jet lag it was straight into it from the start.  34,000 acres which normally takes 10 to 12 weeks took 7 weeks.  No weather events at all.  Excellent crew of young men, made life easier for the boss and all got on with the job and each other.

"Thank you Mick and Robbie you should be proud of your company, it is very professional.  The crew was amazing and made some good mates.  I learned alot and am sad it is over thanks" Chris

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