Harvest 2014-2015

    This season we harvested 38,000 acres in 6 weeks to the day.  Australia is in drought so we were very lucky to get that amount of acres to harvest.  

    This is our third year in a row without interruption from rain events, even though harvest was stopped on one or two days because temperatures went beyond +43 degrees with high winds.  This was a restriction put on us by local councils due to the fire hazard.  That gave the boys a chance to have a break in the air conditioned caravans.  We did have an unusual warm Spring.

    Towards the end we did have time to visit a friend of mine who has a private collection of very old machinery and tractors in working condition.  The boys had some fun on the old gear as you can see by some of the photos.

    Took a few days to get home after a busy harvest, allowed for a good clean up of the gear and arrived home in plenty of time for Christmas.

    "Australian harvest, Great bunch of lads made up a good crew, met some great people along the way at the different farms all very hospitable.  Enjoyed working the long hours on the new combines and learnt some valuable lessons along the way .  Thanks to Robbie for the cooking and looking after us so well.  Final thanks to Mick and Robbie for the experience"  Oli Lee

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