Harvest 2018 to 2019

    Our last harvest. Some say selling your business is not really when you are ready to sell but you know the timing is right. 
    The extreme drought conditions across Eastern Australia have never been experienced in modern day farming. We were lucky to even have anything to harvest. I ran the two combines and one chaser bin and the crops were very light. A real challenge for all. 


    The harvest this year has been a tough one. Not because of hard work, or a lot of long hours. But it’s tough to realise how much impact the drought has for a lot of families and their farms.
    We had many days of waiting before the small amount of crops became ripe. Even after the start we still had to wait a bit to finish the job. It’s not easy with a year like this.
    But it has been a pleasure to work along with Mick.
    You quickly realise he is passionate about his work, his machinery and he wants to do a great job.
    I just hope that I helped to make this year a bit easier.
    Thanks to Robbie and Mick for a pleasant stay.
    Best of luck in your future, and in the air!
    Best Regards 

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